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Standalone door controller supporting Wiegand and EM Marin format readers


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The ACCO-KPWG module is designed for control of a single door within the ACCO access control system. The module can also be used as a standalone device. User authorization is based on code or passive transponder (proximity card, tag, etc.). ACCO-KPWG is also compatible with terminals supporting Wiegand and EM Marin protocols, as well as with iButton (Dallas chip) readers.

The device is characterized by a wide range of settings, including the user rights and time schedules for each user, including special holiday schedules. Additionally, event log with more than 24,000 events is available. Non-volatile flash memory ensures security of the module settings in case of power failure. ACCO-KPWG is provided with a relay output that can be used to operate electromagnetic lock or another door activating device. Owing to additional inputs and outputs, the module can work in conjunction with the alarm system.

The door controller module is programmed by means of an LCD keypad or PC computer with ACCO-SOFT-LT software installed. The PC can be connected via RS-232 port or via RS-485 bus using ACCO-USB converter.

support for single door with entry and exit authorization
support for SATEL terminals and for WIEGAND compatible terminals
standalone or ACCO/ACCO NET system operation mode
1,024 users
user rights definition
access authorization with proximity card and/or code
biometric authorization
256 schedules
holiday schedules
non-volatile 24,576 event log
work time registration event tagging
programming means:
permanently or temporarily connected LCD keypad
PC connected via RS-232 port
PC connected via ACCO-USB interface to RS-485 bus
non volatile settings memory
FLASH based firmware update
scheduled door locking and unlocking
programmable limits on number of accesses


ACCO-KPWG controller in version:

v2.03 works with ACCO-SOFT-LT software only in version v1.03
v3.00 works with ACCO-SOFT-LT software in version v1.04 or v1.05
v3.01 works with ACCO-SOFT-LT software only in version v1.05

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