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Outdoor proximity card reader with keypad


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The ACCO-SCR-BG proximity card reader with keypad is part of the ACCO access control system, which finds application in businesses, schools, industrial facilities, public buildings, etc.

The device enables effective identification of the user not only by means of code but also passive transponders operating in the 125 kHz band (proximity card, tag, etc.). Optical signaling (LEDs) indicates the status of the door as well as the functions performed by the device. Audible signaling and backlit keys make the device very user friendly.

Optical tamper protection responds to opening the enclosure and tearing off the wall. The keypad includes a doorbell button. Owing to a special design of its enclosure, the device can also be mounted outdoors, on the outside wall of the building.

access authorization with code and/or proximity card
support for cards, tags and other 125 kHz passive transponders
LED indicators for door and controller status indication
built-in buzzer for acoustic feedback
keys backlight
optical tamper protection
doorbell button
indoor and outdoor operation

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