Connected DoorLock with Gateway


Packed Doorlock with Internet Gateway to control your Doorlock remotely anytime from anywhere!Connected DoorLock

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● Somfy Doorlock allows the property owner to share and manage other users’ access to their home or apartment. People can get temporary or permanent access by sharing electronic access codes or offline keys.
● Doorlock can be activated locally via Bluetooth ™ or remotely from anywhere.
The supplied lock insert is adjustable to match the lock and thickness of your front door. *
● The system is highly secure, the security level is consistent with AES 256-bit bank encryption standards.
● The app allows you to send electronic access codes to other users with permanent access rights or temporary rights based on time slots.
● The user can receive a notification every time the lock is activated (ie the move of authorized persons) and track the access history.
● You can activate or deactivate access rights and keys at any time.
● The lock insert is certified according to European Standard EN 1303 2006 and is resistant to fracture, drilling and tearing.
● Mobile app for android and iOS available


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