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INT-TSG is an ideal solution for the users of INTEGRA and VERSA alarm systems looking for the same level of comfort at everyday use as in case of modern smartphones and tablets. The combination of small size and attractive design makes it a good choice for both modern and classic interiors. It’s distinctive feature is small depth of the enclosure, which makes the keypad blend with the wall that it is mounted on.

Attractive look is only the beginning of the list of its advantages. Color 4.3″ LCD display allowed to design completely new way of everyday use of INTEGRA and VERSA systems. Capacitive technology used for the touch panel, that covers the whole front face of the device, allows for easy operation with a bare finger. Large, readable icons make it easy to use the system’s capabilities.

Apart from basic arming and disarming commands, MACRO features of INT-TSG allow to trigger even a sequence of actions upon a single command. This way it is a good solution for utilizing intelligent home automation features available in INTEGRA panels. For example, “movie” command may lower the blinds, fold out the projection screen and turn on unobtrusive lighting.

INT-TSG also provides an easy access to the information on current system status. Thanks to the status screen customization possibilities, a single glance at the display could be enough to find out if the system is armed, if the outdoor lighting is on or if the garden watering is currently on. The status screen may also be used for the picture gallery.


capacitive 4.3” touchscreen reacting even to a slight touch
graphical user interface with colourful icons
MAKRO features to facilitate home automation control
LEDs informing about the current system status
possibility of tailoring the status screen to user’s needs
2 zones (only supported by the INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus control panels)
possibility to activate PANIC, FIRE and AUX alarms
compatibility with VERSA control panels (INT-TSG Firmware v1.03 or newer)
available in light (INT-TSG-SSW), dark (INT-TSG-BSB) and white (INT-TSG-WSW)

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