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Universal radio controller set


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The radio controller set provides a versatile solution for control of alarm systems, automatic opening gates or other devices. In addition to the relay outputs, controlled with key fobs (max. 4), the receiver is equipped with additional signaling outputs. They can be used to indicate arming / disarming the alarm system, and to warn of low battery of the key fob. Because of the superheterodyne receiver with narrowband filtering, the RXH controllers provide superior range (up to 300 m) and high interference immunity.


4 independent channels with a relay output
Outputs can be configured for monostable mode (on time) or bistable mode (On/Off)
Support for up to 340 key fobs which can be managed using PC computer
Key fob low battery indication
Acknowledgement of arming / disarming
PC configuration
Operating range up to 300 m in open area

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