Somfy Home Alarm


Somfy Home Alarm
Protect your home & loved ones with Somfy Home Alarm, the only simple & proactive home security system that can prevent break-ins BEFORE they happen.

Detection Before Intrusion
Unlike other security systems, Somfy Home Alarm detects break-ins before they even happen, thanks to the IntelliTAG smart sensor.

Through advanced algorithms, it analyses vibrations patterns, and can make the difference between normal events and potential threats.

The IntelliTAG™ can therefore detect intrusion attempts while the door is still closed. It completely reshapes the Home Security industry, going beyond security standards.

Rely On Your Trusted Community
Never worry again when you’re away. Somfy Community allows you to grant access to your security system to your trusted network, so you can truly enjoy peace of mind.

Know Who is Home and Safe
See who’s home and get notified when your children are back home, thanks to the Kids Mode of the Somfy Protect app.

Experience Automatic Disarming
Come and go as you please, without any worries. The Key Fob allows automatic hands-free disarming. No more false alarms!

Enjoy Easy Set-Up
Install your alarm in minutes from your smartphone (iOS & Android).
• Easy Set-up: Set up in minutes from the Somfy Protect app without any tools.
• True Security: Battery back-up & Tamper protection Encrypted Communication.
• SomfyAround: The first free security communication back-up.
• Smart Security: Automatic disarmament, presence detection, everything you need to facilitate your daily life.
• Smart Home Enabled: TaHoma, Works with Nest, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Open API.
• Save Money: No commitment, on-demand, best price, high quality.

What’s In The Box:
• 1x Link: The heart of your security system, it connects to your Internet through Wi-Fi and links all the elements wirelessly.
• 3x IntelliTAG: Smart wireless doors and windows sensor, it sets a security perimeter around your house and detects intrusion attempts.
• 2x Key Fob: Personal remote control that automatically disarms your system when you get back home.
• 1x Indoor Siren: Wireless, it sounds at 110db when an attempted break-in is detected. Set it up anywhere, it adapts to your interior design.
• 1x Indoor Motion Sensor: Small, discreet and wireless, it detects all human movements while remaining indifferent to pets.


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Somfy Home Alarm Security System Kit, Link, IntelliTAG, Motion Sensor, Key Fob, Indoor Siren, App Control


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